About Us

NAAPOC has become one of the fastest growing Arab organizations in California and the United States.

Specifically, NAAPOCs mission includes the following objectives:
  1. Promote professional networking and social interaction among Arab-American and Arab professionals.

  2. Educate both the Arab-American and non-Arab communities about Arab culture, identity, and concerns

  3. Advance the Arab American community by supporting outreach programs. protecting and within all levels of society

  4. Support Arab student in the USA

  5. Serve society through volunteerism and community service efforts

Our Philosophy

We are grounded in the belief that we as Arab-Americans have both the ability and responsibility to ensure the advancement and development of our community.

  • Our Place in America. Arab-Americans have thrived ever since the first Arab immigrants came to America over one hundred years ago. We have a long history of contributing to society, through science, business, politics, education, the arts and numerous other areas. However, investing in our community's potential is necessary if Arab-Americans are truly to make a long-term impact from a professional, cultural and political perspective

  • . Arab-Americans are as diverse as the mother nations we originate from. However, we all share a common cultural heritage and ancestral background. While Arab-Americans are not a homogeneous group, it is critical to work together under this banner of commonality.

  • We are ambassadors of our commonality and our shared issues and aspirations must be represented appropriately and accurately, even when it is unpopular to do so within our broader American society.

  • Professionalism. The term Professionals in NAAP is not meant as an exclusive title, rather an inclusive one. Whichever field one derives a livelihood from, across all socio-economic levels, one takes pride in his or her commitment to excellence; this is what the word Professional means to NAAP as we commit ourselves to excellence in the Arab-American community.

  • Volunteerism. There is so much talent within the Arab-American community based on the diversity of professions in which we are involved. Utilizing this talent for the benefit of our community is critical. By committing to volunteer ones time, an important step is taken in contributing ones talent to the world.

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NAAPOC is a 501(c) (3) Tax-Exempt Non-profit Organization.